Fadi, King of Pimpdom

     Here he is folks, Pimp Daddy Fadi. While he drives a pretty cool car, doesn't actually pimp out girls and doesn't own any fag fur that I'm aware of, I'm sure he peddles the largest collection of smut in the free world, so, he counts. Plus, he sent me the picture of the Pimp Daddy Papers, so he has to get the credit for that. Also, he is the best guy chatter, all time, ever.
Baby, you're the best.

Check it out...all new Pimp Daddy Rolling Papers, compliments of Fadi's Smut Store

Glory be, the funks on me!

     These papers are the best! *L* I'll be adding the back side of the package as soon as His Highness gets off the counter long enough to take a better picture. And yes, they're real rolling papers.

Smarties from Canada

This is right.

Smarties from the USA

Just wrong
This is just so very wrong.

     I have to put this Smarties box on here. Two reasons for doing that. One, Fadi sent them, and my name is on them, along with a monkey, which I thought was really, really funny. Two, so my pals from the USA can see what Smarties are supposed to look like. Not those hard little crunchy candies with no chocolate to be seen anywhere. All you M&M eaters out there, you suck. M&M's suck and Smarties rule. So there.

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