Asa's Family Page ~ This page belongs to another long lost Swedish relative of mine. Her sister Malin's page is linked here also. It's all in Swedish, so bring along a translator if you need it. *L*

Cat*Ler*'s Page! ~ This page is home to one of the coolest gals I know. She's managed to convince everyone she's an angel, but really she's from Hell. Some people call it Sweden. She's heading to the United States, for school, poor girl. Can you not wait to hear what adventure awaits her there? *L*

Cerridwen and Merlins Castle ~ Old friends and good friends and yes...more Canadian friends...:) Check it out, they've got a brand new domain!

Crazy L's page ~ This one you have to see for yourself, I couldn't possibly do him justice. *L*

Davey's Aussie Pad ~ This would be Davey's little niche on the web. Be warned, she's got a shiteload of pictures to load. Slow computers, beware!!!!! *L*

Dhaise ~ Apparantly, it's a site about gaming. *L* Just go look already. Truly one of the funniest people I know.

Dream Catcher's Domain ~ DC is by far one of my closest and best friends from online. Oh the times we've shared. *L* She's just redone her page and as always the place looks fab.

GinGy's World ~ A new page by a new friend. I met her in Chattopia recently, and I'm so glad a did. An absolute laugh riot. Take a look at her page, and if you're so inclined, browse through her message board too, it's fun.

Hockart ~ Steve's Page of Art ~ This page belongs to one of my oldest, best and most treasured friends....we have kismet. He's got great things on his page, my favourites being his portraits. Look at this page right away, because shortly I'm going to be forced to kill him for not giving me the Marlon Brando picture.

Freja's Little Place ~ A fellow gardener and super duper friend.....*wink*

Ginger Snaps Cookie Jar ~ One of the regulars in ye auld Cafe bar. This is her new page, with stuff all about her, her kids, and pics of those creepy flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz. Stop by and have a lookie lou.

Sweet Jazzy Jazz ~ Well, he's off in Saudi Arabia still, teaching his wee heart out. No new page for my Popeye as of yet, but as soon as he gets one up, I'll make the link.

Kansas Law Dog ~ Well, this page is brand new, since geoshitties swiped his and now he has to start all over. Keep checking in, he's an absolute sweetheart.

Kheldar's Place ~ A long time friend and a helluva road trip partner. Stop by and take a look.

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