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This is my husband John, the absolute and complete love of my life. We're one of those creepy couples that met online, yes we are. His picture will take you to his website. It's got everything you ever wanted to know about the band Rush. That's it, it's just all about Rush. He's not even Canadian. Go figure!!

The Jester

Jesse James ~ He's my oldest child, at 8 years and the best big brother in the world. He has my whole heart and makes me laugh like few other people can. Click on his picture to see some more photos.

Trying to be scary *L*

Connor Jacob ~ He's my youngest child, now 23 mo's and I can't imagine life without his sweet smile and infectious laugh. His current mission is to climb everything and anything, driving us absolutely bonkers. Click on his picture to see more photos.

A page by my older but not bigger, beautiful sister Debbie. I love her despite that horrid picture of me as a hamster. Her site has everything you ever wanted to know about Canadians but were afraid to ask. There are things on here that Canadians never knew. Be sure and check out the Top 10 lists for each Province, hilarious! Also, get the answer to the age old question, "Why do Canadians say 'eh'?"

Mitzi & Krewe

My sister (in-law if you want to get all technical) Mitzi and her 3 kids Emily, Mason & Justin, in that order left to right. Yes, the boys are twins, though two more opposing personalities you'll never meet. I secretly suspect it's because their Mum is a mental case. Anyways, she was cryin' the blues the other night because I didn't have her on my family page. So, here she be. Really, I only did it to get the kids on. *snicker*

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