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Calvin and Hobbes Snow Art!!!


I came across this cartoon recently and realized immediately that it completely defines the nature of the friendship I have with my good buddy Brockhead. *L* Click on the cartoon to view his page and take a look at the comic he chose to link to my page, it's classic.

My friend, Chris (Go Tarheels), sidekick in all things cynical, sarcastic and ridiculous, recently introduced me to a comic that I'd not seen before. I read one panel and was hooked. Non-Sequitor is a wry look at the absurdities of everyday life. It's creator, Wiley Miller, is just genius in both artistry and content. You have to check this comic out, it's well worth a read. I'm going to post one here that I just found hilarious. Danae is my favourite comic character since Calvin, I laughed out loud reading her panels.

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