In this wild wonderful world of the net, we come across so many different people from so many walks of life. Isn't it interesting then, that no matter where people are from, what language they speak and what gender they are, for the most part they fall into some pretty basic categories online? This is especially true of the people you find gathered in a chat room. More specifically, the regulars who haunt those rooms, day in and day out.

      I've decided you can basically narrow most room regulars into 3 different categories, with some exceptions of course in each case. I'll mention those exceptions as I think of them. At any rate, this is my little synopsis based on my experiences with the people I've come across in my time online, and the kind of chatter that I've seen myself as being over the years.

      One Final Note ~ It would appear that it's necessary for me to add a little something here to ease the minds of people reading this and taking it too seriously. Please keep in mind that even though the people described in the categories are very real, this is nothing more than a fun little project designed to make my friends laugh and spent hours picking out where we fit on the list and where other people fit on the list. *L* It's been a hoot so far. If you're reading this and feeling offended, you're silly and you should go away. If you're reading this and laughing and thinking, "Damn, could I put a few people into some of those categories." then good for you, laugh it up.

      Also keep in mind that there are the exceptions to all those groups, chatters who don't really fall into any of those categories, who are just online to meet friends and have fun. They don't spend enough time in chat to really be a part of any group, and even if they did, they still wouldn't fit. Not everyone is a Player, a Fiddle, a Ruler or a S.N.E.R.T. some are just nice people who chat. Fun to talk to when you see them, always pleasant and very normal. At any rate, the skinny is this.....relax, have fun, make fun of your friends and try to lighten up.

Choose from the cast below, see who you really are...

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