Leisa and Joe's Pages ~ Leisa and Joe's oooey goooey pages of luuuurve. You can get to Leisa's page from Joe's page, which is actually where this link goes. Pages all about how money they think the other person is. Honeymoon is definately not over here folks. *L*

Malin & Lennart's Page ~ This page belongs to two of my Swedish cousins, whom I've yet to meet in real life, but can't wait to do so. They like hockey, what more needs to be said? *L*

Michele's World ~ Yet another B Street denizen with a page on her and her life. Check it out.

Mousies Housie ~ One of my oldest and most treasured friends online, stop in for a cozy visit.

Nat Z. Punx® ~ Well Mitzi finally hagged him into making another home page. The boy is whipped I tell ya. And it would seem, according to his page, we're all nosey bastards. Tell me that doesn't make you want to go see the page.

Oracle and the Band ~ You'd never guess he's actually a respectable city manager...*L*

RoadApples Den ~ Another Canadian and another award winning page. Check it out for more things Canadian!! Also lots of stuff on the HIP!

Shooting Star Shines ~ This is Shooting Star a.k.a April's page. She's a CM from Chattopia and a great gal. You can find her in the Casino most nights, keeping the peace and talking all schmoozey to me. *L* Check out her section on Star Laughs. I failed miserably, I did.

Slapshot's Page ~ A fellow Canadian with an award winning page. All things Canadian found here and best of all hockey!!!!

Smilin ~ Aaaah yes, as you can see, Fadi has finally gotten off his arse and begun construction on a new page. It's sparse at present, but we have to be patient. He can only take so much excitement at a time, plus there's the hassle of cleaning his fur coat to deal with.

Southern Man ~ Another Bourbon Street denizen and a hell of an Iced Tea drinker...be sure and look him up

Space Schwongg ~ A fellow Bourbonite with a nifty page...Damn Scrait!

Storm's Farmhouse ~ A wonderful page guaranteed to soothe by a very great friend of mine. Lots of great pictures and other things to see. Be sure and check it out. =)

Sunwinds Page ~ Yet another super cool gal from Hell a.k.a Sweden. Don't let that sweet face fool you for one minute, she's crazier than an outhouse mouse. *snicker* And not nearly as cool as I am either.

TJ's Page! ~ This page is a directory taking you to all other pages he has. A true Jeff Gordon fan if ever I saw one. Also, he doesn't like hair all tangly and shit.

Vinnie Rays Page! ~ Ah yes, Vince finally has a page of his own, and with much bitching on my part I've earned the middle square in his friends section. *coff* Come check out the schoooool boy. heh!

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