Much can be said about this particular breed of chatter, though right off the bat we could accurately say that they technically don't really chat at all. I've yet to see one carry on any form of conversation that goes beyond name calling, feeble attempts at being witty, and your general annoying all caps posts.

      First I should probably define the term snert. It's an acronym for Snot Nosed Egotistical Rude Teen, and was first coined in the Bourbon Street chat in Geocities years ago. Who exactly came up with it I'm not sure of, though recently I was told it was Annie. Any old B Streeters reading this who know for sure, drop me an email so I can properly credit whoever came up with it. At any rate, it basically means those people who drop into a chat room with no purpose other than to piss people off. They harrass, annoy and do their best to disrupt the regular flow of chat in the room. They flood the room with posts, use gigantic fonts, swear at people, insult them and are just a pain in the ass. Sometimes they're ignored and they go away, but sometimes they can provide immense enjoyment just by being in the room, because it gives you someone to vent on. *L* They're great targets for ridicule and insult in their own right, and innumerable hours have been spent having fun at their expense.

      There are pretty much two basic types of snerts...those who just drop into a room, blast away until they're booted and don't come back. Then there are those who are actual regulars to a room, for some reason especially enjoying being a whipping post and returning again and again for untold rounds of abuse. *L* I personally like the regular snerts best, because they're so much more persistant than the drop ins. Persistance means more chances to kick their butts, and that's a really fun thing to do. Sometimes you get genuine moron's, okay, most of the time. Some are just stupider than others. Those snerts aren't any fun at all, because they're usually in their teens and couldn't use written language to fight their way out of a pre-school. They also don't have any concept of Netiquette. The really fun snerts are the ones who come in with a big chip, determined to set everyone in the room straight on how life is, how you should talk, what your opinions should be and how right they are about it all. While they're sometimes fairly intelligent, not normally reducing themselves to vulgarity to drive you bonkers, these people wouldn't know sarcasm if it reached out and slapped them, and seem to be incapable of playing the game, though they would usually make a pretty grand effort. They take everything said very personally, a key difference between a snert and anyone else. That in turn made it fun because they were just so bad at it. It's just too much fun. *L* They are just a really great way to vent some frustration and anger and get yourself in a really good mood. I was always really disappointed if they got booted, because once they were gone we just sat around and wondered what we were going to do next.

      I think some Fiddles could actually be considered sort of snert like, because they're the ones in the room who can make you a little crazy with their posts about not being talked to, going to sit in a corner alone until someone notices them....things like that. It's always frustrating to have someone like that in a room, because it's so self pitying. Okay, frustrating for me anyways. And I suppose only certain people are going to view that type of behaviour as snertish, some people will just feel bad for them and invite them to tea or something. I'm just not one of them. *L*

      Anyways, those are your snerts. They come in both genders, all ages and are found in all chat rooms. You can't miss them, because the minute they come in they're as loud and irritating as they can possibly be, because they don't want you to miss them. Ignore them if you want, pick on them if you want, just don't try to be like them. I'd totally recommend kicking their cans, it's just good clean fun boy and girls.

      An additional note ~ I mentioned before never try to be like them, and that's true and for most of you, it's not an issue anyways. However, mention must be made here of the entertainment that can be found in going into another room and being a snert. Sometimes it's a nice break from the normal chat routine and it's always good for some laughs. You might get booted really fast, or you might end up liking the people in the room and making some friends and either way, it's always good to break up the monotony of chat. You can be a snert in a room without completely laying waste to the people in the room or being cruel and insulting.

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