I don't think so
      And now we come to the real movers and shakers of the chat room. The people who truly make a room great to be in, make it worth looking forward to going in to and most likely people you'll stay friends with for as long as you or they are around, some even longer than that. They are the people who for various reasons truly stand out as unique, wonderful individuals who enrich the lives of the people the come in contact with. They are people who, though you may not have spoken to in years, will show up again and the connection is instantaneous, like they've never been gone. You will spend hours literally laughing until your sides ache at their antics. They're jokesters, pranksters and people you really feel like you know intimately on a deep level. People you can share your life concerns, joys, hardships with and get an honest and loving response from. They truly care what happens to you, how you're doing, what's going on in your life.

      The Rulers of the room always stick together, including moving from one room to another. They email, talk on the phone and meet in real life to hang out and have fun. They are the ones who determine the ebb and flow of the chat. They determine what's talked about and what's not, not because they make it so, but because their charisma makes it impossible to do otherwise. Everyone else in the room is immediately drawn to them, wanting to be part of what's going on and sensing that here is someone different. Here are people who truly have something great. They don't hide who they are and what they are, everything is out in the open and you can take it or leave it, they don't care. They are loyal to their friends, they don't play games and they bring out the best in everyone around them. They come in all different flavours too, just like The Players and The Fiddlers. Some are outgoing, gregarious, talking to everyone and anyone and basically just love to make noise. Others are quiet, more inclined to watch and laugh and give their input when it's asked for or if they feel they want to. There are those who are "middlin". Not quiet, not loud, just there doing their thing and every much an integral part of the room. Each unique in their own way, yet each a piece of the larger picture of friendship, unity and trust.

      There is a kinship among the Rulers of the room that is something you never forget or lose track of. Those people whose lives you cross remain a part of you no matter where you go or how long you've been gone. You remember the stories, the names and the faces and when you see them again, it's like reuniting with a long lost friend you've sorely missed. You go out of your way to stay in touch with them and always wish them well. You laugh together, cry together but whatever you do, you do with each others best interests at heart. You deal in real life, not net life.

      It has been my greatest pleasure to have been a part of such a group for a very long time. And while I've also had fleeting jaunts as a Player (eyebrows a wagglin) and a Fiddler too (looking really pathetic), I've always held fast to my core group of friends. From the great, legendary days of Bourbon Street in Geocities, through some hilarious and miserable days in Webnautics, to no chat room at all, I have held contact with some of the greatest, most wonderful people I've ever had the pleasure to know. Through some of the worst and best times of my life they've been there to share it with, and I'm truly privileged to call them friends. We are scattered now all over the web, some of us, and some of us are still going to the same places but regardless, we're never really that far apart. One chance encounter and it's all right there again, same old face, same old friend, same old good times. Some of you reading this may think Rulers is a little egotistical, and I guess it might sound like that on the fly. But I think it truly represents who we are as a group and what we do best. We are the soul of the chatroom.

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